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Founded in early 2014 as an independent law firm,

Kayser Becker & Wagner has grown in terms of both its activities and its complement of personnel, but without losing sight of the importance of close personal links with its clients.

The professional experience acquired by Max Becker, Marc Wagner and Robert Kayser in working for well-regarded Luxembourg law firms is such that they are able to offer a quality service both in contentious proceedings and in the provision of advice to businesses and individuals. Thanks to the breadth of experience of their team, they are able to advise clients in a wide variety of areas, at both national and international level.

The particular areas dealt with by members of the firm include real estate law, construction law, contracts, the law of succession, civil liability, labour law, general and special commercial law, company law and criminal law. Thanks to the individual experience of each partner in particular fields, we are able to deal at a high level with the most complex interdisciplinary matters.

Our philosophy in relation to contentious proceedings revolves around 3 fundamental elements:

– Avoiding litigation: helping clients in their projects by proposing to them a tailor-made structure and a made-to-measure, practical contractual framework offering legal certainty and leaving nothing to chance. We take the view that, in a great many cases, court proceedings can be avoided by means of careful and intelligent groundwork.

– Resolving disputes out of court: effectively resolving disputes that have arisen without wasting years locked in litigation before the courts. The avoidance of lengthy and costly proceedings is one of the guiding principles by which we operate, and we recommend recourse to all forms of out-of-court dispute resolution, such as the conclusion of a settlement, mediation and arbitration, depending on the context of the dispute and provided this is in the client’s interests.

– Effective representation in court proceedings: where judicial proceedings are unavoidable, we provide the best possible assistance/representation before the courts, by collaborating closely with the client, be this in the drafting of pleadings and procedural documents or in the formulation of the appropriate defence strategy. All our advocates are able to assist and/or represent our clients in proceedings before all ordinary and administrative courts in Luxembourg and in arbitration tribunals.

Our philosophy as regards the provision of advice is to offer our exacting clients a range of services backed by several decades’ experience of legal practice, at competitive fee rates, in accordance with the rules of ethical conduct governing the legal profession.

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